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You are what you play

The way you approach your adventure is the key to unlocking and improving your skills.

If you love barreling into battle with a warhammer, your two-handed weapons skill will naturally improve. Spend time lifting purses? Watch your pickpocketing skill level up. The more you use them, the more your skills will grow and expand.

Skill Trees

Each type of skill has its own branching path with many possible perks to choose from. As you level up, you’re creating a truly unique character.

Get crafty: Smithing and Enchanting give you an edge

Take your gear up a notch by creating your own weapons and armor.

Start by using a Blacksmith’s Forge or Anvil and work your way up from simple to more advanced pieces.
Once you have a weapon you’re happy with, try adding an enchantment by visiting an Arcane Enchanter. Enchantments use specific materials to add effects like improved carrying, elemental damage, or resistances.

Cooking and Alchemy for a healthier you

Starting out, cooking can give you a health boost when you need it most. Learn new recipes by walking up to a cooking fire, and gather the ingredients you need to make it. Elsweyr Fondue, anyone?
To really amp up your health (and other stats), you’ll need to get into alchemy. Visit an Alchemy Lab and experiment by combining ingredients. You’ll be able to create potions and poisons before you know it!

Get yourself a house…

Create a cozy place to rest between quests by buying or building your own home. Design additions and decorate as you go. Eventually, you could be the proud owner of a sprawling estate with livestock, servants, and outbuildings—even your own mill or fishery.

And make it a home.

If your life of adventure seems a little lonely, stop by the town of Riften and speak to a priest named Maramal to find out how to find a spouse. You could be celebrating your marriage before you know it!

And if you’d like to hear the pitter-patter of little feet, there are lots of adorable orphans waiting to be adopted.